What we do

We can offer valuable cooperation on your projects. Regardless of whether you are a small manufacturing company, a producer of machines, an engineering company or a big corporation.

Would you like to optimize or improve your production line? Do you want to build a green field installation? Are you searching for a partner for engineering? Do you need a professional consultant for a project? Would you like to outsource engineering activities? Do you need external support in project management?

We can support you in any phase of your project. The sooner we join the more valuable it is for you.

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Why to cooperate with us?

  1. We are flexible and we take every project like unique challenge not merely a simple routine. We will provide high level of expertise and personal approach.
  1. We are totally independent. Our company is owned by its founders. We do not have any contracts or exclusivity agreements with any other companies. Nor manufactures of equipment, cement plants neither cement corporations.
  1. More than 25 years of experience is guaranty of professional services and high level of expertise.

Our scope

Our main focus and fundamentals are cement industry and alternative fuel production. We have large experience with waste to fuel process. Nonetheless, our aim is to support wider range of industries where we can apply years of experience in handling and processing of bulky materials. Minerals, powders, artificial granulates and of course industrial and municipal waste.