Our Services

We offer a wide range of engineering services; from your ideas we support you with technical concepts, basic engineering and much more. The solutions we provide are always based on professional experience combined with the state of the art know how.

what we do

Technical Concept

We convert your ideas into the tangible technical concept. We provide you with our professional experience for your specific needs. You get to choose from a wide range of products and support such as:

  • mass-flow calculation
  • detailed flow-sheets with specified codification
  • 2D and/or 3D drawings
  • process simulation
  • maintainability and accessibility assessment
  • safety assessment

Basic Engineering

We prepare for you sets of documents providing you with the elements to evaluate the financials, support your feasibility study and launch the tender process.

  • project description
  • cost estimate
  • evaluation of possible suppliers and their assets
  • 2D and/or 3D documentation
  • building permit docs
  • docs for realization
  • manufacturing drawings

Consulting services

We support you in each phase of the project. What ever the phase you are in, we join the project, when you need us.

  • peer review
  • cross-checking and commenting of docs and dwgs during detailed engineering
  • evaluating and aligning offers from your partners
  • project management
  • helping to solve unexpected technical problems during execution

We are your partner seeing your project from world-class perspective.