We are produ partner of German company ARGO-IPS, manufacturer of modern type of roller mill.

The argo mill, compared to any other mill, the argo mill delivers less of everything. Except output.

After 5 years in development, the argo mill is a revolution in grinding technology and one of the most significant evolutions in the sector in a generation.

A pressure grinding roller mill, it’s more efficient than any other conventional grinding system. It can be used as pre-grinder as well as for finish grinding. It incorporates the smooth, vibration-free, quiet-running AGSL System. It is the first mill to adjust grinding speed, grinding force and layer thickness ‘on the fly’.

It can be scaled to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications from the demands of very fine grinding for slag and cement, to the heavy requirements of mining applications or softer materials like limestone or quicklime.

It uses less energy, with less environmental footprint, in less space with less wear rate. Compared to other grinding techniques our mill delivers much less of everything. Except output.


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